Friday, March 11, 2016

"Two Less Lonely People" - Brief Synopsis

“Two Less Lonely People” ©
Inspired by a True Story
Brief Synopsis – One Page
Created by: Bob Houseman

It's early Sunday morning, way before Bob usually gets up. He looks over at his wife as she sleeps. He leans over and kisses her on her forehead. He whispers "I love you".

They learned last week, that Kate’s illness is rapidly deteriorating. Even though he is going for just a short drive down by the seashore, his thoughts are solely on his wife.  He’ll make sure he’s home before she rises.

As he heads toward the coast, he smiles as he remembers the day he and Kate met. He remembers the “look” Kate had on her face when they saw each other for the first time. He laughs as he remembers the first day he met her boys, and how much joy they have brought him and their mom.

The day is beautiful. There is music playing in the background from one of his CD'S. He feels a tear running down his cheek. “What”? He thinks. What's going on here? The song that has been playing is now ending. He hits the replay button.

When the song comes on again, he listens very carefully to the words. After a couple minutes into the song, he's now really losing it.  He drives into the beach parking lot. As he sits in his parked car, he looks out toward the ocean. And then it hits him.  Kate will soon be gone!

He reaches into the glove compartment and pulls out the pad and pencil.  He jots down a few thoughts. He pauses for a moment and then continues writing. When he’s finished he lays the pad down. 

After he is finished, he feels a temporary sense of relief. He believes writing might be the vehicle that will help him deal with the incredible sense of loss he knows he will feel after Kate is gone.
He takes one more look out over the ocean and heads home.


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